Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my new best friend

Yesterday I walked over to a yarn store on my break. As usual when I walk in there, the lady who works there pounced on me. I'm not sure what to think of that. Other stores in the area are known for their snottiness and for ignoring people. I walked out of a store after ten minutes of waiting for the lady to stop chatting and ring me up, and wound up driving 30 minutes to a yarn store to spend $55 on needles. So here, this lady's always ready to help, but sometimes I don't need help. I told her I was looking for a crochet hook, and she assured me she had every size, but she didn't, I wanted a 3.25 to replace that trickster needle I have, and she had 3.0 and 3.5 but no 3.25. I went ahead and bought the 3.5, and it's an Addi! So this was no casual purchase, as crochet hooks go it was comparatively costly! I've decided that it shall live in its protective sleeve for its own protection. Rather like a hamster in a hamster ball.

Which gets me to wondering what my cat's reaction would be to a hamster in a hamster ball. It's too bad I'm against animal cruelty, it would be pretty funny if it didn't involve torture of a wee critter.

And then today, I was at JoAnn's, buying my Number One Son a Hallowe'en mask. And I just had to walk through their yarn section, even though I know--I KNOW--they have nothing but crap yarns. And then I saw a crochet hook. Not just any crochet hook. MY crochet hook. The one that always goes missing. A Susan Bates aluminum crochet hook, in size 3.25, in a metallic blue, just like my old trickster, that old thing that has picked up so many stitches and fixed so many errors, and cast off whenever the mood struck. And I had images of good twin/evil twin. I figured since the one I already have is the evil twin, the new one would have to be the good twin. So I bought myself a replica of my missing little trickster needle. I told you it was a dysfunctional relationship! Not only can I not successfully adopt a new hook, I went and bought a replica!

In the knitting bag:

-A felted purse. I got really excited on Saturday and had to start on this. It was out of control. I'm not sure if it will be half as cool as I knew it would be on Saturday. I've done the front panel and I'm working on the back panel. There be cool poolage.

-The Fiery Socks: I've officially run out of fiery yarn, and am making a red cuff. I struggle with these socks. They're for my Number One Son, who loves warm woolen hand-knit socks. But his feet are so hard to fit. First of all, he has really broad ankles. Secondly, well, I guess secondly is that growing problem. And third is that he wears them out very fast. I made him a previous pair of fiery socks, but he outgrew them quickly and wore them so the whole heel was under his heel, and they wore out where the heel changed to sock. The blue ribbon socks were designed to withstand all sorts of abuse, and but he's growing out of them at top speed. The back of the heel of the sock is already pulled down under the ball of his heel. So. I made these with a little growing room built in. And he says there's too much growing room built in. Not to mention he struggles to pull them over his ankles. Considering he's such a slim child, it's odd that his ankles consistently present a problem for hand-knit socks. So here I am, finishing them, but he won't wear them this winter, probably. And I wanted him to have a pair of handmade socks as soon as possible! Bah.

-The basket rib Trekkers. These are trekking along. They kinda get knitted on when I'm not knitting anything else.

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