Sunday, May 30, 2010

Caked Noro

Well, the titanium socks just need to be bound off, and my dad's socks are at the heel, but the numbers don't add up, so they'll require more problem solving.

What to do? Cake some Noro! MMMMmmm, Noro cakes!

Herbivore, finished object

Yarn: Skinny Bugga in Lubber Grasshopper (mmm-mmm good!)
Needle: Circular size 7
Pattern: Stephen West's Herbivore (ravelry link, if you're interested and aren't a member of ravelry, sign up. it's worth it.)
Notes: The pattern says to knit until the centre spine measures 12".  That was a little too small for me.  I knit until I couldn't get any more pattern repeats out of the yarn.  There were 5 grams left when I bound off.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yarn 4 yarn--May Gothsocks Club Spoilers inside

When I received the May Gothsocks Club shipment, I knew that it was a yarn that needed to be with someone who would love it madly. As always, as soon as the spoiler pics were released, there were people looking to acquire it, so trading it was no problem.

I received Bugga Ruby Tailed Wasp from the lovely MissTwilight on Ravelry. It snuggles up with me at night and keeps me warm.

Spoiler below









And in return, I sent her the Alice-inspired "Drink me" colourway. Gorgeous, pettably soft, but not something I would have knit up. I'm glad she can give it a Good Home.

I also gave up my spot in the Gothsocks club, allowing one more lucky soul to get in. I only have so much yarn money, and I need to be able to choose what colours and yarns to buy when I do splurge. But I still have the June yarn to come!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

when it all falls apart

I really do like center-pull balls. For my routines, they work the best, and keep the yarn tidy and behaving. However, when they get low, really low, they get all discombobulated, and that's when it's a bummer.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bullied by wings

Well! I was knitting along on my titanium socks and I'm really only 14 or 21 rows from the end. But then I started dreaming about Lubber Grasshopper, and couldn't stop. The titanium yarn was the same way, creeping into my consciousness and demanding to be knit up. The this other yarn edged out titanium and forced me to take up my needles and knit.

I'm knitting the Stephen West pattern "herbivore". The sharp angles and crisp texture speak of the yarn's namesake, grasshoppers, with their sharp angular legs. They also speak of dragon wings, huge, intimidating, sharp and angular, but delicate and graceful in luminous colours.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Ooooh la la! Linger is coming!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

What's in progress now, Part Two

With my mom's socks finished, and my dad's socks well underway, but not able to be gifted before he left, my attention has wandered back to the titanium socks, and I split my knitting time between the Skews and these.

I've just started the gusset on sock #2, and I'm hoping to contain the pool to one side like I did on the first sock.

Back to knitting!

What's in progress now, part one

Last week, my parents visited. It was their first visit in 5 years. We just live a little too far away to get many visits. Sadly, life does not stop for visits, and we still had school/work/ballet/softball. But I did fix them dinner every evening, Dad fixed several things around the house, and we had a lovely visit.

Before they arrived, I finished my mom's socks. I immediately started a pair for my dad. I managed to finish one sock, so he could try it on, but didn't get the second done before they left. Sadly, the heel is tough to get on, but he still thinks he'll wear them, as they seem to fit well once on. I'm using Trekking that I bought last November specifically for this purpose. In fact, I've knitted from all the yarn I bought that time, although one skein still has enough left for socks.