Sunday, May 02, 2010

What's in progress now, part one

Last week, my parents visited. It was their first visit in 5 years. We just live a little too far away to get many visits. Sadly, life does not stop for visits, and we still had school/work/ballet/softball. But I did fix them dinner every evening, Dad fixed several things around the house, and we had a lovely visit.

Before they arrived, I finished my mom's socks. I immediately started a pair for my dad. I managed to finish one sock, so he could try it on, but didn't get the second done before they left. Sadly, the heel is tough to get on, but he still thinks he'll wear them, as they seem to fit well once on. I'm using Trekking that I bought last November specifically for this purpose. In fact, I've knitted from all the yarn I bought that time, although one skein still has enough left for socks.

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