Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gothify (Photo heavy post)

Goth-i-fy--verb--to make gothy. To imbue an item with gothy properties. To make yarn like Gothsocks. To take a variegated, solid, or semi-solid skein of yarn, and overdye part of it to create stripes. Origin 2010. Variations gothy, goth, gothing, gothed, gothification.

Sample sentences:

"She is quite the gothify-enthusiast."
"Dude! I would totally gothify my pistazie for your feuerwanze!"
"Love this gothed-up yarn!"
"This would be awesome gothified."

Before/after of WM Frosch, gothing by thestarsandseas on ravelry.

Before/after of WM Pistazie, gothing and before-pic by jakey on ravelry

(These greens look similar in photos, but the upper is a bright green, and the next is a darker, khaki green)

And before/after of a gothhoard, gothed up by theotheramylee on ravelry, The Amy Lee Show on etsy.

Look at these pretties!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sad Garden

Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit

Well hot damn! I think I know why my garden has been such a dismal failure.


Okay, yes, it's another orange skein. But.. but... it was called Louder than Bombs!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The magic of blocking

I'm neither the first nor last to blog about this little bit of knitter's magic.

Fresh off the needles, before blocking...

After a nice evening's blocking...

Yarn: Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs Belladonna Gothing (BFL) in Tainted Love
Pattern: Gail aka Nightsong (Rav link, must sign in to see)
Needles: size 7

Those photos were taken today. Friday was sunny and warm. Saturday was dreary but temperate, until it rained. This morning, we awoke to snow.