Sunday, March 22, 2009

Knitting with a View

We had a road trip, and once again, I worked on a project from Knitting on the Road. I started another Hiiumaa sock using the bamboo double points I received for free with my Fearless Fibers order.

I don't mind venturing into the land of double points every so often, but this time I decided I didn't really want to pick up stitches along the heel, so I adapted the pattern to use a Bordhi-style heel. I duplicated the original sock the best I could, placing the increases to create a faux heel flap. I did not use the partridge heel stitch because it looked terrible with the stripes. I knitted with both strands on the heelwork to make the heel extra strong. I love how that finished heel feels.

Unfortunately, I compared the sock to another Hiiumaa, and discovered that my best efforts to duplicate the heel had failed. The heel adds a good inch or more to the length of the sock, and it affects the fit of the cuff. Maybe if I'd used the partridge heel stitch it would have been comparable? Sadly, I'll be tearing out this heel and starting over.

The two-strand knitting, well the purling actually, takes forever, and I'm not sure when I'll bother to do it. Maybe next road trip.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

does whatever a spider does

At 10:30, after he should be in bed, he says, "We didn't make a mask!"

And so I did.


I love baby socks.

I love Dream in Colour.

I love the class socks in New Pathways..


Monday, March 09, 2009

Sewing fit

Last night I saw this skirt and I was very inspired. I looked at a lot of photos online, what a gorgeous array of skirts! So tonight I sewed up a version. I think it needs to be a bit longer. It doesn't have elastic in the waist, yet, because I'm out. But I did learn how to do a rolled hem, just for this. Thank goodness for downloadable manuals!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Not knee highs

I've been increasing on Ditsy to make a nice pair of knee highs. Turns out there's some splotchiness with the colours that just totally turns me off. I'll probably rip them out and make them the same height as all my other socks.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Results from the sewing room

I haven't shipped out the volcano pants yet, as I wanted to send a few more things with the pants.

I think I have about 8 more cloth diapers ready to go. Here's a picture of a favourite:

pink supergirl diaper

As is customary, I cut up some old shirts to make cute recycled diapers. A couple of the shirts had plenty of fabric left over, but not enough to make more diapers.

picture of sewing table cutting board

So I cut up the scraps and had some sewing fun.

picture of 2 diapers with a matching dress, shorts, and a hat

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ditzy Rising

I am now making increases in the back of the legs, and DitzyGoth is getting bigger and bigger.

Fishing for compliments

Me: Your sister's not here to admire the diapers so I need you to do that for me.
TeenBoy: Uhm. I'm not much of a judge of diapers.
Me: A simple, "Mom, those are really cute" will do.
TeenBoy:Mom, those are really cute.
Me: (can't leave well enough alone) They're the colours of your old school uniform. Isn't that cool, baby going pee and poo on your old uniform?
TeenBoy: Urgh.