Friday, October 27, 2006

felted bag

While working on my 550 class today, my monitor kept going black. While I waited for its return, i worked on my felted bag. I got quite a bit done. In fact, I got it all done. Instead of doing an icord all around the edges, I wound up needing to crochet the front panel to the back panel. I tried to double crochet, cause it looked better, but it needed to be single crocheted.

When the kids came home and immediately started fighting and sassing, I grabbed some jeans and tossed it all in the washer. I'd been told that a front-loading washer didn't felt things adequately, but after the heavy wash cycle, with a dash of detergent and a kettle full of boiling water tossed in, it felted up just perfectly.

This was my expiriment in what to do with striped yarn to really show off the stripes. It involved a whole lot of picking up stitches on all sorts of surfaces. I started it last weekend, not that I had meant to, but I was under one of those knitting spells where I didn't have much choice in the matter.

Made with Andes hand paint, a skein I got on clearance. It was the only one of its colour, or I would have probably bought a few and attempted something bigger. I knitted using a size 9 Addi Turbo, and a variety of crochet hooks, both evil and good. I've found it hard to get good pictures. :(


randi K design said...

The purse came out very nice, great color!

Carol said...

Nice! I see an almost diamond pattern in the colors, really cool!

Knitika said...

Thanks ladies! I think I was trying to run before I walked, being my first felted bag and all, but it was very fun to make!