Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekend Knitting Report

I'm afraid there's not much knitting to report at all. I've only advanced a half-repeat on the candle flame shawl. I've been working on homework, with a little naughty novel-reading on the side. (the act of reading was naughty, as it was time stolen from homework, the novels weren't, sorry). There's been some illicit Bella activity, but more on that when I have a little bit more time for a better photo shoot. Mostly I'm wrapped up in the final activities of my quarter, plus all the holiday activities that are inflicted upon my family by the community. Sorry, no pictures, I'll turn in a bunch of papers this week and then I'll hopefully be able to knit, and thus blog about knitting.

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sherriknits said...

Hey,thanks for visiting this morning. It's nice to have communication again and I do know we had it easier than a lot of people have had, but sure makes you think to be grateful.