Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 knitting days left before gifting

I was making swift progress on the new little dolly, but then I decided to stop the knitting until I had a face on her. The face is always the very hardest part of a dolly, and I find it very difficult to sew on a face when I'm trying to manipulate the needle in and out of a head that is very inaccessible. I first sewed on eyes before knitting the body on Deaux, but I have not revisited that technique since. I'm fairly pleased with the results, although it's very difficult to judge the success of the face until the doll is stuffed and has hair. For the first time, I used beads for pupils instead of a shabby french knot, an idea I picked up on Ravelry. Now that I've faced the biggest challenge, she should finish up fairly swiftly. Which reminds me, I should bring the stuffing inside to start warming up...

The mittens are also making solid progress. I do not think that 2 other pairs of mittens will be completed in the next 5 days, and I shall have to be content with what I am capable of accomplishing.

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