Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet NanC

At last! phanC has a new twin. Her name is, of course, NanC.
Her braids were added around 4pm on Christmas Eve.

After the braids, I started on her dress. I wanted to use the green Fearless Fibers, but I didn't feel like I had enough time to knit with size one needles and complete a dress. So I started swatching with 2 strands held together. I had no idea how that would affect gauge, so started with size 3 needles, which was way too small. By the time I was up to size 5 needles, I was impatient to get started, so I just went ahead with that, but I could have surely knitted it on larger needles, especially the skirt part.

The dress was what I was knitting on until 1am, Christmas Eve/morning. There is a reason why the dress is not longer.

NanC's Dragonskin Dress
Yarn: 2 strands Fearless Fibers held together
Needles: Addi Turbo Circular Size 5
Gauge: 6 stitches per inch
Pattern: Cast on 39 stitches, join in round
Row 1 bodice: k2,p1,k2,p28,k2,p1,k2,p1. place marker. This indicates start of round, and centre back of dress.
Row 2 bodice: k2,p1,k2,p1,k26,p1,k2,p1,k2,p1.
Repeat row 2 until bodice measures one inch.
Row 1 skirt: k2,p1,k2,p1, (k2, make 1 purl in bar between stitches) repeat until you arrive at the purl stitch. p1,k2,p1,k2,p1.
Row 2&3 skirt: (k2,p1) repeat around skirt
Row 4 skirt: (k1,y0,k1,yo,k1, make 1 purl in bar between stitches, p1) repeat around skirt
Row 5&6 skirt: k5, p2, repeat around skirt
Row 7 skirt: (k1, yo, k3tog, yo, k1, p2) repeat around skirt
Row 8&9 skirt: repeat row 5
Continue to do row 7-9 until skirt is desired length.
Bind off using a double crochet bindoff.

Explanation of k3tog: slip one, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over

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