Monday, December 17, 2007

Mitten progress

At this moment, I lack the technology to add a progress photo, though I'd love to show it off. I have finished my first mitten and started the second. A few interesting tidbets:

1) Yesterday, I picked up the mitten after a busy afternoon and started knitting on it. Suddenly, I noticed that I'd totally forgotten about adding the waste thread for the thumb. Panicked, I checked my position on the mitten and discovered that I was precisely 5 stitches after the spot where I needed to start the waste yarn. Not bad, eh? I think I had to rip out 10 or more rows on the last pirate mitten I finished.

2) Tonight I went to Christmas services associated with #1Man's work. As an aside, this is always a treat because I get to belt out sing familiar songs with an enthusiastic congregation. I admit I knitted my way through the services. Just in front of me, a woman was knitting on a very long scarf. And across the aisle, an old acquaintance of mine was knitting on what looked like a hat. I also admit I often knit my way through the Sunday talks. Well, I haven't usually, but ever since the knitting rush began in November, I've gone ahead and knitted there. This evening, looking at all the knitting around me, I wondered if there is historical precedence for knitting in services. I was specifically musing about the times when knitting was more of a necessity and less of a hobby. Did women who needed to knit to keep their families warm put it aside for services? I have knit my way through those Christmas services for years, but I'm thinking that it's time I learn to put it aside for that short time. If I knit my way through everything, then everything is always very similar. I have decided that for Sunday talks and special services, I can put aside my knitting and allow these times to be separate from the every day motions and rituals. (But I will not judge those who do knit during services.)

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