Wednesday, October 03, 2007


 This story starts back in June, when I went on a birthday shopping spree. I acquired many balls of Colour 4 Me yarn on close out, and this was cause for much rejoicing. Then I decided to make Lithuanian Amber Socks with some of that yarn, but that meant using most of my orange stash, which was unexpected. I had Other Plans for that orange, so I called up the yarn store and asked for them to save me a few more balls, while it was still on sale. She told me they could only save it through Saturday. Now I don't have access to the family car much, and sometimes work and family is all that happens in my life, and I wasn't sure I could make it there by Saturday, so she extended my deadline to Sunday. So. Life happened. I didn't make it there by Sunday. Oh well. I can live without the orange yarn...

Fast forward to last week. I'm in Seattle, and my #1Man reports that there's a call from the yarn shop, am I ever going to pick up this yarn? It took me a while to figure out even what yarn they'd be talking about...

So on Monday, I stopped by to see if it really was that same orange yarn. First of all, I had to browse the sale bins, and also investigate all the sock yarn and everything else that caught my eye. Needles in the sale bin! While I'm not a fan of bamboo circulars, neither am I so picky that I would pass up a Good Deal. :) The woman there was very nice (for a change), and very surprised that I'd been given a time deadline on my holds. But then she couldn't find the hold yarn, so apparently they called me, and then tossed the yarn into the sale bin. She went ahead and rang up my yarn choices, and then took one last look on the shelf, and lo and behold! Spotted my yarn! I had considered not getting it, but when I saw the orange, I remembered how much I like that particular shade of orange, warm but not obnoxious, and had to buy it. So we have 4 new bamboo circulars, 3 skeins of Colour 4 Me, 2 skeins of Cascade 200 Super Wash, all 45% off, plus a skein of Cascade Quatro.
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Angela said...

I'll take your Crystal Palace, lady! I never find em on sale. Boohoo :(

zdbqm?? I need a vowel, here, people!