Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lithuanian Amber Socks

The socks are finished! They came together after two hours in the car. Hooray for road trips, they make for fabulous bouts of knitting time! (Except when he makes me drive, inconsiderate man!)

Pattern: Lithuanian Amber Socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks
Yarn: Shepherd's Colour4Me
Needle: Inox size 5, which put me right on gauge.
Notes: I stepped down to a size 4 for the heel, which made the heel ridiculously small and I had to rip it out. I also had to increase the number of stitches picked up along the gusset by two on each side to make the heels fit better.


Kay said...

Love those socks! Nancy Bush's socks are unfussy and beautiful. My Hiiumaa socks are here.

Ember said...

Orange socks! They're done! Yay finished orange socks!!

Knitika said...

Thanks, Kay! Your Hiiumaa socks look fabulous, thanks for the link.

Knitika said...

Yay orange socks!!! But ya know what? It's 100F+ all week. I won't be wearing them for moooooonths. SIGH.