Friday, July 13, 2007

as always, more socks

Yes, I know there were THREE pairs of socks on the needles. No, I am not discussing the 2 pairs of mittens, 1 pair of gloves, the scarf and the shawl on the needles. Yes, I did start a new sock today. But it's just a baby sock! Even though the car is fixed, I did take the bus to deliver my #1Grrl downtown. And that bus that would take me back to work didn't show up. Sure, I was 15 min late back, but it was enough time to finish the yellow stripe.

And the Striped Soldiers officially left the needles tonight. Look at the amount of yarn left! I found the label for the yarn, and also note that it's for sale at theknitter.

Yarn: Regia 4-ply Mini-Ringel
Needles: Size 1 knitpicks circular.
Pattern: No pattern, just a standard toe-up sock with a forethought heel, 3x1 legs, 1x1 cuff, and an invisible bindoff.


Kay said...

Ya just can't knit too many socks, is what I say.

What pattern do you use for your toe up socks on one circ? I can't seem to like working socks on circs, but maybe with the loop method I would.

Knitika said...

I don't really like using 2 circs, either, but the magic loop works nicely. I've discovered I don't like the loop at all for stranded colour work, the transition zones on the edges of the needles pulls awkwardly.

Magic Loop is nice because there's less opportunities for the working yarn to get trapped between the two needles.

I don't really have a pattern to recommend, though, I just knit whatever size I need, or adjust a pattern from double points. Sensational Knitted Socks is a pretty good pattern book for socks on circs, I don't think it matters whether you do one circ or two.

And I agree, never too many socks!

Ember said...

Look at those gawjus socks you made me!!

I need another shot of the new ones. On my screen it looks like you're crocheting :)

ciuvq, baby. ciuvq.

Knitika said...

Thanks, baybee!

Those new socks are actually that peaks-n-valleys pattern we were talking about. But the stripes are so fat on a baby sock that they don't peak or valley all that effectively. I've pondered froggishness. But the lace does look nice. crochet-ish, perhaps.

tee hee hee hee hee. Crochet! heeeeee hee hee ha ha ho!