Monday, July 23, 2007

Lucky Lurker

transcript of morning chat

9:45 AM me: good gracious
that sock yarn i crave, duets...
she has a sock yarn club
that sold out in two hours
but she said she'd post some more spots at random
and i actually found a spot!
But I keep telling myself that $105 for 3 batches of yarn is ridiculous
I can't spend that!!
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
i'm wanting to knit faster than i stash, ya know?
negative stash growth
but i'm failing on that front

10:07 AM Ember: Hullo
10:08 AM me: hi!
Guess what
Ember: I'm scared to ask

10:11 AM me: I talked myself into the duets club
Ember: Which reminds me that Interlacements lady says she's about to start a sock club.
me: sock clubs are so hip! the Interlacements lady would be stupid not to, eh? :)
I just decided that I've wanted this yarn for so long, and I've been pondering sock clubs for so long, and that I would consider that my yarn spending for the fall.
I will plan on not spending all fall, yep
uh huh
10:15 AM Ember: It seems like the only way to GET the Duets you keep wanting
me: yeah
that was one factor
Ember: I saw something called Duets and I almost bought it but it was obviously not what you like
me: awww, but thanks :)

end transcript

Clearly the lucky lurker spots aren't all that scarce, because everytime I go over she's posted another. I see it sell out, and another shows up. So wander on over to A Swell Yarn Shop and grab yourself a spot in the Lucky Lurker Club. Even non-lurkers like me can get a spot...

And since the yarn won't show up for a few months, hopefully I can make a stash dent before it arrives. I'm working hard on that, I am! If only I didn't have to go to work....


Ember said...

*stands slowly and clears her throat*

Hello. My name is Ember. I am a Lurker.

(So much for not buying yarn at the fair!)

fnmnllwr to you, too!

Angela said...

You must have ESP as to when I am going to post an opening in the Lucky Lurker Sock Club :) I am still getting e-mails from many lurkers who still have not nabbed a spot!!!
A great big welcome to you!!!!
Happy Knitting!
Oh and I sooooooooo feel your pain with having to frog those socks!!!! UGH!

Knitika said...

*joins in a chorus of voices that chime*


(your family's gonna say I'm a bad influence on you and tell me you're not home when I call)

zbrugmt right back atcha

Knitika said...

Thanks for the welcome, Angela, and the sympathy too! I'm very sorry about the ESP, I know it's intrusive, and I'll stop, just as soon as I've snapped up a buncha spots and sold em for a tidy little profit....

Actually, I expect that link's already closed down. It was an Ember thing. Once she got her spot, the need was gone.

Looking forward to the yarn!

Ember said...

Sorry, I had to post just because the spamblocker is 'xyyojoog'.