Saturday, July 28, 2007

Frogtastic Surf Socks

After a concerted effort, the Frogtastic Surf socks are off the needles. I have knitted nothing else since putting them back on the needles on Tuesday, and finished late last night. I cannot count the number of times I had to frog back on these socks. Right down to the bitter end, when I was on one of the last rows of the last heel, the yarn wrapped itself around one of my lovely skull markers and when untangled, it left a loop of yarn that would have meant a big hole or sloppy large stitches in the heel.

Needles: I started with a size 1 Crystal Palace Bamboo Needle. It broke. I moved on to a size 1 Knitpicks circular. It made the legs too small. I finished the legs with an Addi Turbo size 2 circular. I also used a size 2 Knitpicks circular when frogging on the legs required separating the 2 socks so I could only frog one leg.

Yarn: Regia Surf Color

Pattern: Chevron from Sensational Knitted Socks. While I used the chevron pattern, I did not follow her sock pattern.

This was a stashbusting project, knit with clearance yarn I kept passing over. But look how much yarn is left! I still have to find a project to finish it off!!!


Charity said...

Great finished socks! I've been reading back over your blog a bit, you're a super fast sock knitter! :0)

Ember said...

Aww. /Your/ chevrons are pretty! Froggie Froggie Froggie

I think you have enough left to try entrelac socks. I guess I'd have to work out that pattern first, huh ;)

Ooh, a project for the kid and I while we're doing Robin Hood in the Park :)


Knitika said...

Thanks Charity and Ember. Only fast when I'm not in session at grad schoo. :)