Sunday, July 08, 2007

Heel, Rover, heel heel heel heel

This weekend I completed 5, count'em, 5 heels.

The desert Hiiumaa heel was started last Sunday on the road trip home. It was finished Friday evening soon after work.

From there, I got to work on the Striped Soldier Socks. Heel #1 was completed while watching Lord of the Rings with the kidlets. Heel #2 was completed the next morning, in the early hours while the kids were still asleep and I was having quiet-knit time.

I spent the rest of the Saturday knit time on BBS (Big Black Sock) #1 heel, finishing it before bed. Then Sunday morning quiet-knit time was dedicated to BBS #2. When knitting on the black got to me, I alternated for a few minutes knitting the baby hat. That heel was finished a few minutes ago.

I also had some road-trip knitting time. We carpooled with another family up the canyon, so I had a couple hours knitting time while chatting, with some one else doing the driving. That's when I progressed up the legs of the Striped Soldiers.

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