Monday, July 09, 2007

Simple Pleasures

It's hot here. Really hot.

The other day, I opened up to see what's going on in the world, and the biggest story they had was that it's hot, here in the west. Yes, it's hot, but since when is that news? It's always hot here!

So one thing we desert dwellers know is that when it's hot, ya gotta hydrate. Dehydration can be deadly and it strikes fast!

My point here, and I do have a point, is that today, I was in need of hydration, and what I really wanted was a delicious iced tea. That's when I got to looking at my water bottle, and noticed that it was microwave safe. Microwave-safe must also mean it can take heat, so I pulled out some Green Chai tea bags, and made some double-strength chai with hot water in my water bottle. When it was sufficiently steeped, I went to the ice machine and filled up my water bottle, diluting the tea to proper strength. A few packets of sugar rounded it out, and I had YUM ICED TEA.

I might take some soy milk to work tomorrow to make it a little creamier, too.

Stay cool, friends! Stay hydrated!

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