Tuesday, July 10, 2007

gusset! legs!

Look! One gusset! Also, check it out, yet another needle for the BBS, this one the rapid-squirrel needle. This needle surfaced mysteriously out of the phone book today, specifically to be a gusset-holder.

My Striped Soldiers progress swiftly. There's been a lot of car troubles, and a lot of public transit, and a lot of sitting and waiting for a little ballerina, and that's all good for my most mobile project.


Ember said...

You know your gauge is all wrong. Those socks are threatening to swallow the little soldier and the rest of his platoon whole!

Muuuust Haaaave Striiiipes

"ejsnyex" to ya, baybeeee

Knitika said...

It's trendy, ya know. One of those Big Ass Knits. This is for the little soldier's protection.

And honey, you know I'd give you the stripes, but they're hugerrific. and while yes, we just established that big is all the rage, you're not gonna love these on yer feets.

pirtucqz, ya know.