Sunday, July 08, 2007

BBS Needles

Nancy Maria asked on her blog about needles for Big Black Socks for soldiers. I've been working on the heels of the BBS she sent me and had to take of a picture of the needles I'm using now. I have the resting side on a Knit Picks circular size 1 needle, the heels are being worked with Comfort Zone size 1 double points, and the resting sock was transferred onto a straight size 0 needle. Once I pick up the gussets, they'll both be on one circular, but for now it's a mess of needles!


N. Maria said...

It may be a mess of needles, but you sound very organized!!
Thank you for taking my legs in and making them complete! :)

Knitika said...

hee. hee. hee. she thinks I'm organized! Hee hee.

Ember said...

Phf! You can't even keep track of your skein labels.


Knitika said...

Look, honey, go walking down my road to hell and you'll see how perfectly beautifully paved it is, and THEN we'll see who's phfing who!


Ember said...

ALWAYS with the getting me to go on walks. Have you no shame?

"Oooh. Pretty, perfect paving...hey, what's this label doing here? Litterbugs!"