Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Today my #1Son called me at work to report that I'd received not one but TWO packages. He probably hoped I'd say something like, "oh, son, those are surprise gifts for you!" and barring that, at least a "Hey, why don't you open those for me?". I said neither.

I've been having this issue with the library. I keep checking out the same books and they keep making me give them back. After countless holds and renewals, I finally was able to apply some credit towards buying them for my very own. The Knitted Babes book is really good to have because of all the clothing patterns. Sensational Knitted Socks is one that I like to refer to for the textures/patterns. I don't ever follow an entire pattern in it, but I just get stitch patterns from it. And Folk Solks... Well, I check that out of the library every few months and spend hours drifting through the pages. And when I'm done, I'm all grouchy because I should have spent hours knitting! But dreamy about all the socks I might knit. I've modified stitch patterns from that book several times but never followed a pattern start to finish.

And, in package number two, my new stitch markers! My picture doesn't do them justice. You can see the skull markers here and the others here. I bought them off of Etsy from Sunneshine. I hadn't heard any reviews or recommendations of her, I just wanted some skulls to hang in my knitting. She shipped the very next morning, and they arrived the following business day. She has all sorts of cute markers, like a set of Buddhas, and Hello Kitty, and others. I decided I wanted a set with a lot of markers, so that I could lose a few and not be completely out.

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