Thursday, February 01, 2007

I. Did. Not. Squeeeel.

No, I am not hyperventilating. I did not just jump around in circles. And I am certainly not pulling the calendar off the wall to count how many days until July 21st. (170)

I did tell my family not too long ago that it was TIME for Harry Potter Book 7 to come out. I'm so glad to know I have significant influence. I'm bitterly disappointed that it won't be released 7/7/7, but 7/21/7 is pretty cool, too.

Book 5 came out while we were rushing to leave town. My Man and #1Son picked up our reserved copy from the library at the midnight release party. I managed to not read it for a full day while we packed. Then as we drove to Seattle, I read the entire way. The book was finished before we got there.

Book 6 came out while I was out of state at My Man's high school reunion. We went to the mixer on Friday night, and on our way home were going to drop by Barnes and Noble, for I had reserved a copy there in my name. But the lines were so long that we just went home. I picked it up early next morning, and while he picnicked with his high school buddies I read read read. It was finished by dinner time, then my son, now old enough to read it independently, grabbed it and read read read. I actually sold that copy to a librarian friend.

Now book 7.... I will be HOME for book 7. I wonder if I'll have to buy 4 copies to prevent any major home wars???

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