Friday, February 09, 2007

I just wanted to knit socks!

summerhazeYesterday I had one of those days where I left the house at 7am and returned home after 8pm. Needless to say, I was exhausted, and I just accepted the fact that I wouldn't be any good at homework, and settled down for an evening of knitting socks in front of the tv. I started out with my ridged-feather socks knitted in yarn from woven-n-spun in her colourway Summer Haze. But, it was time to turn the heels, and I step down to a size one needle for the heels. I went to grab it, expecting it to be in my needle case, as I have been fastidious lately about putting my needles away so I can find them when needed. But nooooo, it wasn't there! I looked around by the computer, a high-frequency-knitting zone, and also by the bed. It was neither place. columbine Since we were in the middle of Laurel and Hardy, I just put those socks aside and got to work on my Wildefoot columbine yarn-over-cable socks. In contrast to the previous pair of socks, which were top-down, these are toe-up. But coincidentally, these socks were also just ready to have the heel turned. And they also need a size one needle. So I replayed my previous search, but this time I noticed a pair of socks tucked under the computer desk. This pair was the Christmas socks I made for the girlchild, only to discover that I'd made them an inch too short. A few days ago, I ripped out the toes and started reknitting them, with that very size one needle. stripesocksredo Now we were watching a Hawaii-5-0 episode, and I got to work finishing the striped socks. It would be a quick fix, and I had the girlchild's feet handy so I could regularly try them on her. Eventually we had to send the girlchild to bed, and I was on to the second sock. Mr Man and I settled down to watch Everybody Stares, The Police Inside Out. I was on the decreases, on the home stretch, when disaster struck. crystal palace needle My size one Crystal Palace bamboo circular needle came apart!!! I was traumatized. I was shaking. I've never lost a needle before in such a graphic way. I've misplaced a needle now and then, but it has always come back to me. And my other size one needle got damaged when it took off on an autumn adventure. So i am without a size one needle, and have three pairs of socks that cannot proceed without a size one needle!!!

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randi K design said...

Cute socks! You have been busy!