Thursday, June 28, 2007

many many colours.

My Lithuanian Amber Socks are making steady progress, when I work on them. I had anticipated finishing them tonight, but had an unexpected mommy-daughter outing. If they are not finished tomorrow, I shall howl in frustration.

Last Friday I was anticipating a day outside the house but I had no simple, portable knitting prepared. I ran to the sewing-room-stash, and found this Regia yarn that was an ebay purchase from my early sock-obsession days. It knits up quite cute, eh? These socks are so portable that I can easily knit them while walking to work.


Ember said...

I didn't know you were knitting ORANGE SOCKS. And the stripes are about the stripetastic self-striping I ever did see.

Knitika said...

Hey, Ember, I'm knitting ORANGE SOCKS!

See, it's possible to find stripetastic yarn, it's just not very probable!