Sunday, June 24, 2007

Who's the psychoest of them all?

It's not quite the Gift of the Magi, but it's pretty sweet serendipity. While I was doing secret knitting for Ember, turns out she was doing secret knitting for me! What I'm showing here is only a teaser. I've known all along that Ember is the psycho-knitterest of them all, but now everyone knows it! Now go click that link and:


2) Please note in particular the frog. That's my frog! But see, how she's holding it and not meeeee? Hey, Angela, send me my frog!!! Oh right, I ordered her to send it to the state fair. Hey, Angela, go get a ribbon!!! A ribbon for MY FROG!!!


Ember said...

D'oh! I'm so bad! Seeing it, I remember that you did say you were going to mention it here...but I never did look. That what the psychoest dooooooo.

Love you!

Knitika said...

Oh yeah, Ember, I'm talking about you, too! Everyone's talkin about ya! You psychoest!