Saturday, June 16, 2007

Finished Hats

On the left
yarn: Zitron Life Style
needle: Size 4 Inox 16" circular
notes: Knit top down, using Emily Ocker's Circular Caston. I increased by ten stitches every other row, and as it got larger, every third row, up to 140 stitches, and then knit until I ran out of yarn. I bound off using the k2tog bindoff. Look at how much yarn was left!
destination: Socks for Soldiers.

On the right
yarn: Karabella 8 ply and Limbo
needle: Size 5 Addi Turbo circular
notes: I cast on 100 stitches, based on my swatch which showed I was knitting at 5 stitches per inch. When the hat was complete, it was far too tight, and I note that my gauge was actually 6 stitches per inch. The only person it fits nicely is my 8 year old.
destination: It was supposed to be for Socks For Soldiers, but I may donate it or let my daughter have it.

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