Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Too much faith

Okay, I admit that Monday was a little scary. That's why on Tuesday, I took a walk at lunch instead of knitting. Today, I upped that and took a different project with me to work and dance class.

Turns out I only had 10 minutes to knit at lunch, and when I puled out the project, I discovered that a needle had gotten pulled all the way out. So I spent the entire 10 minutes just getting the project back on the needles all properly.

During the girlees dance class, I finished up the body of the current babe. This does not mean she's anywhere near to be done. The next step is the face, which always takes some time. So I will need a weekend afternoon all to myself when I can sit down with my supplies and craft a good face. After that will be stuffing, closing her up, and knitting the limbs, which is fairly simple. And then after that comes the hair, which is always a Big Project. As usual, I knit the body in the round rather than in two flat pieces, as suggested in the book, Knitted Babes.

Today I finished up Pirate Mitten #1. Well, I still need to pull the yarn through the end of the mitten. Turns out I had way too much faith, here. I had read that the pattern fits tight, so I went up a couple needle sizes and hoped that would fix the problem. As I knit it, I could tell it was tight on me, but I still had hope. I figured that once the thumb had somewhere to go, the mitten wouldn't be quite so crowded. I also assumed that since the giftee on this mitten is only 12 years old, it would fit him.

Once I got the thumb opening, I discovered that the mitten was still abominably tight. So I caught my son this morning, just woken up, and asked to compare some measurements. I measured his hand, I measured his feet, plus a bonus measure of his crown. I went away happy, he shrugged and said, "whatever..." and went on with his breakfast. Fortunately he's accustomed to his mother behaving like that. But what I discovered with his measurements is that while his hand is shorter than mine, it's fatter. I blame all that guitar playing.

Next stop, mitten in much larger needles, perhaps with extra stitches? The current pair will go on hold until after his bday. Perhaps it will go to a charity. I saw today that the Soaring Eagle Project is considering mittens. These would be perfect for that.

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