Sunday, October 14, 2007

sewing instead

My son has been on my case for a MONTH now to work on his Hallowe'en costume. The day he proposed it, I had just cleaned out my drawer, and said goodbye to an old favourite green turtleneck. As he was asking me to make a green tunic, I pulled out the turtleneck and he agreed it was perfect. A week or so ago, we picked off the neck. Today I edged it, chopped off the sleeves, and turned the sleeves into bracers. I also had just the perfect green cap, but it has tassles on it, and he needed a hat without tassles. After spending a half an hour combing through my sewing room, looking for green fleece, I checked my scrap bag, and found scraps sufficiently large enough to make him the perfect green cap. He's emulating a video game character with the really tough name of Link. Yes, that is a hyperlink to Link. (As I don't play Zelda, I can laugh about the name.) The shirt is edged with brown Nature Spun zigzagged along the edges at neck and sleeve hems.

After rediscovering my sewing machine, I decided to finish the nightie that I started in March, when I sewed dresses. It took me less than 20 minutes of sewing to finish this up, and I have one happy girlee now.

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