Wednesday, October 17, 2007

deja vu

The pirate mitten saga continues. After Sunday's tears, I spent Monday pouting, and Tuesday I asked questions. I got some good ideas for making the next pirate mittens better. But I decided I'd better finish the first pair before I went tweaking my own techniques, so I'd not risk having fraternal mittens. So Tuesday night I cast on for mitten #2, pair #1 (too small).

So, nine days after my crazy pirate mitten-knittin day, I found myself in the same coffee shop, drinking the same overpriced hot drink, doing the same pattern, in the same spot in the pattern. I wanted to note that this time, I not only brought waste yarn, but scissors, too. This is evidenced by the nice orange line on the mitten which denotes future thumb placement. The photo also illustrates that I got quite a bit finished, all that remains is adding the thumb and weaving ends. Which will wait for another day, I think it's time to cast on some more socks.

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