Sunday, October 07, 2007

On the needles...

I've cast off the mittens for my daughter, though I'm still working on the shag cuff. I've woven in ends for all the socks sitting around waiting to have their ends woven in. According to Ravelry, I have no more UFOs but that's not true. There are unblogged, unrecorded Unfinished Objects scattered about. They include:

-Charity Mittens. These got taken off the needles for a quick project and now I don't remember what size needles they were using. Grrrr me.
-Big Black Socks. These are finally in action again. I would like them sent off soon.
-Baby socks. Pair two. No good reason to be dragging my ass on these. Yet I am.
-Stained Glass shawl. This sits in my drawer and gets attention every 8 months or so.
-Knitted Babe. I started her a couple weeks ago. Top down, she's got half a head.
-Fruit Hat. This is for my son. It has 5 rows knitted. I don't like it, so I never knit it. He swears he wants it but I'm convinced that a) it will look weird and b) 7th graders shouldn't wear fruit hats, even if they are unnatural colour combinations.

Okay. I think that tallies every stray project that's taking up a set of needles.

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