Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fearless and broken

This is incredibly difficult to photograph. It is also incredibly difficult to accept. My Fearless Stripes socks, which I didn't wear for months so that I could enter them into the state fair, are falling apart. The yarn is BREAKING. It has broken in at least four places on one sock. My ability to mend and darn is doubtfully up to this challenge. As far as I can tell, these socks will no longer be worn. I have worn them twice, and washed them twice. To wash them, I put them in a delicate machine cycle, with no detergent. I am heartbroken. TWICE! I wore them twice, and the yarn is just breaking apart.

I have a great deal of leftovers, plus a skein of peach that was slated for knee-highs. But I will not bother to make knee highs if the yarn can't last for more than two wearings.


randi K design said...

I hate it when that happens!!
Could you weave in a new stich, just following the piece of yarn thats broken..?

Knitika said...

Thanks, I sould try that! I'm a little overwhelmed by doing that four times, and will just more break? I'm sure that sooner or later I'll take the time to give it a good try. :)