Saturday, September 01, 2007

No knitting on the road


Well, another summer trip, this one a quick last-minute voyage. We arrived back in the knick of time, 13 hours before school started. Although I brought along Knitting on the Road, I didn't even touch it. My handy chauffeur stayed home, and I did all the driving, which really puts a crimp in your knitting. I did finish up the dishcloth that is pictured half-done here. It was the twin of the completed dishcloth as shown. Kids and I stayed with 2 different households, and the thank-you gifts were hand-made dishcloths and farmer's market soap. One of our hostesses knits her own, but she noted that she was running low, and that all the ones she knits she gives away, so I had spared her having to knit herself more.
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