Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend knitting results

I am officially back in school this week. I am already behind. One class has been open and available for some time now, and several students are off and running. This means that by the time class officially starts on Wednesday, there are several posts already made, making those of us that enjoyed our summer until the bitter end totally behind. This leaves me overwhelmed and hampers my ability to ever get caught up. My other class has reading assignements. I have ten scholarly articles and chapters to read before our first class on Thursday. In the face of all this school, I should have began this weekend, but instead, I made a concentrated effort to finish the Snow Bunny socks. When I woke up Saturday morning, they were one inch above the heels. This picture shows an entire Saturday of effort (between all the running about that accompanies Saturday for my 2 highly social kids) and Sunday morning's wee hours knitting.I ceased the mad snow-bunny-knitting when, at about 10:30am, I finally admitted I was going to see an old friend at 3pm, and that I needed to have a house warming gift. Not knowing what colours her new kitchen is, I dug out the brightest, least-likely-to-coordinate cotton yarn, and spent the rest of my Sunday cranking out dishcloths.
At about 2:30, she called to report a basement flood and some serious rooting (don't say anything, Julian), so the visit was postponed. This allowed me time to weave in ends with less stress, and even some time to stop for tea and cookies. My daughter took an ordinary box and transformed it into a cute gift basket, and when they called after dinner to report that their basement was once again safe for all sorts of flushing action, we all hurried over to ooooh, ahhhh at the new house and deliver the gifties.

Ugh. Today I need to study. Who knows when the snow bunny socks will be finished.


Angela said...

I wanna boss Julian around, too!

Julian, stand on one foot. Now hop. Say, "Ooga booga!"


Ooh. BMW...

sherriknits said...

your socks are beautiful!

Knitika said...

Thank you! I'm looking forward to wearing them. :)