Sunday, September 09, 2007

oh dear, what can the matter be?

Oh dear, what can the matter be?
Roxxy's so late at the fair

At the state fair, we walked into the Home Arts building, and the first thing that greeted us was a lonely goth dolly. If she could, she would walk to the mike and say,

I'm at the State Fair
My soul laid bare
I cannot care...

Roxxy earned a 3rd place ribbon at the fair. First and second place in her category, doll made completely of yarn, were both much larger, acrylic, and crocheted. And very cute. When she went to the State Fair, Roxxy knew she was entering the land of Cute and Country Kitchen, but she wanted to take them on, anyway. I'm very proud of her!

After some searching, next we found Bunny, mounted on cardboard and sewn to the backing with a little navy thread:

Bunny, too, earned a 3rd place ribbon in the category of toy made of fabric. Because she's so tiny, I mounted her before submitting her, according to the rules.

Next we found the Fearless Stripes. I went into the fair thinking these were my strongest entry.

I have to admit that winning the blue ribbon in socks last year, my first year entering, rather spoiled me. It was difficult to be happy with Honorable Mention, but really, that's quite honorable! Best of all, I can pick up these socks in a week and then I can finally wear them! I've been keeping them unworn for months just so I could enter them.

As the little girls continued to wander through the building, my daughter's friend said, "Look at those cute little socks!" and my daughter said, "My mom made those!!!"

My highest ribbon was a 2nd place in the Baby Ensemble category. Wheee! I'd better give them to baby before she grows out of them. :)

I certainly can't complain, having earned a ribbon for every entry for the 2nd year in a row. Last year I earned a blue in socks, a red in misc knitting, and a red in girl's dresses.]

The last thing we saw at the fair left my ears ringing. Yes, I took my kids plus an extra to see....

Yes, we saw Weird Al Yankovic.

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