Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lucky Lurker Welcome Package

oooh! Ah! Welcome package! Seeing as it was one of THOSE days, where I got home from work, ripped open the package, shed the work clothes in favour of a cute little knee-length swingy green dress with a pleated bodice, spritzed on something to make sure I smelled nicer than a day at work, and dashed off again for a evening of 20 guests aged 3 to 13, 2 prima donna best friend birthday girls, one rowdy magician, pizza, ice cream bars, and an especially fine raspberry beer to make it through the evening, there wasn't much time to appreciate it, let alone photograph it. At least the event wasn't at OUR HOUSE! Back to the package, all I managed was a quick text message to Ember that said, can you guess?, "Lucky Lurker Welcome Package!" Apparently she's not so lucky as I am lucky, but then I'm closer to the source than she is. Expect a photo of the cute little SWAG in a few days or so.

I thought I ought to mention the girls requested no gifts, and instead asked all guests to bring a children's book in Spanish to donate to Centro de Conocimiento Compartido, a library that promotes literacy on the Amazon river. This is a library my #1Man works closely with during his forays into the Peruvian Amazon. You can read about it at and if you are so inspired, you can even sponsor a child to read. We'll be sending books, but who knows how much postage that will cost!

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