Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Welcome to the frog pond

Make that welcome BACK to the frog pond. I'm baffled with these mittens. I started them last winter and coasted slowly slowly on them. I finished mitten #1 not so long ago on a size 7 needle. I cast on mitten #2 on a size 7 needle, and clearly it was too small. So I stepped up to a size 8 needle, then when I got past the ribbing stepped back down to a size 7 needle, because I had just finished the mitten on a size 7 needle, right? I've been plugging away on mitten #2. Just today I made good progress past the thumb gusset and even made it to the decreases. I carefully counted the rows to the decreases to make sure the mittens were identical, but when I finished the decreases, I could see mitten #2 was a good half inch shorter than #1. I ripped out the decreases, and redid it, making them as close in length as I could. That's when I noticed that #2 was narrower than #1. Perhaps my daughter stretched out #1 all the times she tried it on? I had her come try on #1 and #2 together. I didn't say anything to her, just had her try them on. "This one is tighter." It was obvious to her that #2 was narrower and didn't fit right. I've inspected it carefully and the number of stitches are the same. Everything is the same, except it totally looks like I used a smaller needle on mitten #2. So how is it that I had a size 7 needle on #1 when I finished it? What needle sorcery has happened here???

Off to rip...

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