Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is my stash doomed???

When I said I wanted negative stash growth, I meant I wanted to knit faster than I stashed. I did not mean I wanted my stash devoured by hungry larva. I found this little silver winged critter in my yarn. Is it laying babies that will eat my stash??? What do I do????

ETA: I found the culprit: wool stuffing that I use in my Babes. It's full of little winged critters. I've quarantined all wool items in the under-the-bed stash into zip lock bags, and removed the stuffing. Any suggestions? Can I save the yarn?

ETA 8/2/07: Last night I decided to start freezing my yarns for preventative moth-killing. Today I discovered this extension site, which has a photograph of that exact little bugger. If that truly does identify my little critter, then it's a Webbing Clothes Moth, slow moving but still eats wool. They do suggest freezing, although they say that a freezer that is below 0F should kill the critters in 72 hours. I don't think my household freezer maintains a temperature below 0F. I think it hovers just below 32F, just cold enough to freeze everything. While I can't fit much yarn into the freezer at once, I will be sure to isolate and freeze every precious stash item, one ziplock bag at a time.

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