Sunday, March 11, 2007

Three weeks, second sock

Well, it may have taken just one week to knit the first sock, but it took 3 for the second. A lot of that was on frogging and redo-ing. First of all, I forgot to start on size 3 needles, and had a good 3 inches done on size 2 needles before I noticed it was considerably smaller than the first. I also turned the heel not once, not twice, but three times. Once I got past the heel, it cruised along.

Knit with fearless fibers, I used a size 3 needle on the leg, then switched to a size 2 needle to finish up. The braid at the cuff comes from Nancy Bush's Folk Solks.

Yay, new socks!


Becca said...

These are so cool! Please share how you got the striping. I love the green.

Becca at Forward Motion

Knitika said...

Thanks, Becca! It's just stranded knitting, I knit the whole socks with the yellow in my right hand and the green in my left. Two of one, two of the other. This worked fine until the heels. I've figured out how to knit with yarn in my left hand, but I can NOT figure out how to purl with my left hand, so I had to drop the strand and pick up the other colour with each colour change for every purl row. Another reason why those heels were torture!

Becca said...

Wow...I was so impressed the first time I saw these and I hadn't even noticed the heels! I'm totally going to wimp out and do solid color heels on mine.

I think I might have to pick up some coordinating Fearless Fibers and make a pair like that.

Thanks for the explanation and for visiting my blog too!

Becca at Forward Motion