Friday, March 09, 2007

Knitting Dreams

Last night I dreamt about knitting with alpaca yarn. How very vivid, my dreams! When my kids ask me what dreams mean, I tell them it's like your brain flushing. All the things that are rushing about in your head get swirled together on their way out. And that's what my dreams usually are. Something familiar, something totally unexpected but unsurprising in the dream context, all mixed up with weirdness, that I just find strange when I wake up. But lately I've been having very unstrange knitting dreams. Where I wake up wondering when I'll get to knit that! In my alpaca dreams, I could feel how soft the yarn was. The yarn was all natural, undyed, and the only strange part was that I accepted the forest green yarn as coming from a green alpaca without questioning that. I have one gorgeous skein of alpaca yarn that I got in the Mitt Swap from Beth at The Spinning Loft. I haven't yet decided how I'm going to use it. But I must knit alpaca soon! My dreams said so!

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