Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pop Princess

I have had a couple knitted babes sitting half-finished for quite a while, and this weekend I attended to both of them. (Aaaaaand started two more.) This morning, after spending an hour making a hair piece for the bald dolly, we dressed her up in borrowed clothes and contemplated leaving her as a bald pop princess. Funny, my #1Man and I wanted to call her "Sinead" while the kidlets wanted to call her "Brittany."

However, my daughter was rather attached to the hair-piece we'd been working on all morning, so I got busy and attached it to her head after all. I may yet make a bald dolly, but she'll have to wait for a few more that are in the works. I haven't made her clothes yet, so she's borrowing from the resident Groovy Girls. We're still waiting to discover this girl's personality and her name, when we do I'll post her over at knitted babes.


Beth said...

Soooooo. Cute. I need to stop dreaming and start knitting some of those girls for me.

Knitika said...

Thanks Beth! These knit up sooo fast! Especially if you're used to knitting socks or mittens in the round and can make her in one piece, instead of seaming her up. My husband keeps asking "Who's this one for?" and I tell him "ME". He can't believe I'm making dolls for myself. :) But then the dollies are equally enjoyed by my lil girl, and even a bit by my son, who does NOT play with dolls now but does appreciate them in a supportive-kinda-way, right? Anyway, give it a try, it's a way fast project.