Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Better living through cheap furniture and plastic

Not much knitting to report. Last week, with the new quarter breathing down my neck, i actually applied myself with great industry to the Cleaning Of The House. I awoke Saturday morning insanely determined to have a clean room, and lay in bed envisioning ways to make the bedroom a better place. This all finally resulted in, not just a 2-day-marathon decluttering odyssey, but also a trip to a chain department store for a cheap bookshelf and several big ol plastic storage tubs. The cheap bookshelf went downstairs, alongside several other cheap shelves while the rather nice but small bookshelf downstairs went up to our newly decluttered bedroom. Now there's a bookshelf in our bedroom, with little knitted babes hanging out on top of it. I also got an under-the-bed storage monstrosity to hide all the stray yarn discoveries from the bedroom.

These are what I work on during the week. The stripey Regia cotton surf is my mindless knitting that I work on during my 30 minute walk every day at work. The other pair gets knitted on in stray moments at home. Mountain Colors donated several miniskeins to Socks for Soldiers and I was the lucky recipient of a handful of skeins. They actually go farther than I thought and I may be able to get two pairs of socks. I've never knit with MC yarn before and I am in loooooooove. I can't even express how dreamy this yarn is.

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