Saturday, January 03, 2009

This is not mitten #2 either

I finished mitten #1 and got thoroughly distracted.

My daughter and I entered the Sewing Room of Doom to make a few diapers. We made ten.

picture of ten cloth diapers, homemade

Three of them are designated for a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago. Since she had a girl, she gets the pink stripey one, the green flowery one, and one of the two newborn sized ones. The rest are for a friend who's due next month.

The stripey one and the tie-dye one are both made from shirts my daughter used to wear. She was having fun picking out fabrics. Suddenly she disappeared, and returned a few minutes later with some too-small shirts, saying, "These are 100% cotton, will they do?"

Our collective favourite is the stripey one. So cute! It also comes with two matching wipe cloths, and is lined with bright pink sherpa.

Another favourite is the hemp diaper. On this diaper, she realised that first, the snaps didn't all have to match. Then she realised that even the snap fronts and backs don't have to match.

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