Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Moments In Knitting

Last night was my kind of Knitting Awesome. It started at dinner. We were enjoying a strawberry-kiwi smoothie. My daughter happened to be wearing a colourful tiered skirt in many shades of pink and green, and I joked that it was a strawberry-kiwi skirt. During dinner, perhaps inspired by the colour of the smoothie, I started thinking about my baby pink baby alpaca. I bought it for mittens, but it didn't pair as well with the other colour as I had envisioned. Suddenly I realised: "I have green yarn and pink yarn and I could make strawberry kiwi mittens!" My daughter cheered, "For me!"

After dinner, I pulled out the yarn I had in mind. I noticed I had other shades of green and pink, too. She picked out shades I would have never, ever paired together. But that's okay. The yarn had no intended projects at all. I got knitting immediately. The mittens burn my retinas, but they are proceeding well.


randi K design said...

I like these! very nice!!

Knitika said...

Thank you! I appreciate your kind comment. :)