Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Knit fits and yarn fits galore

Oh my. I'm back at work this week. And really, I just want to be knitting.

On Monday, I had decided to work on a pair of longies, and I wanted to use some nice peach/yellow wool I had on hand. But I didn't have anything compatible to do a contrasting waistband and ruffle. And it's true, I'm all about contrast. So after dropping off the carpool ballerinas, I made a visit to the yarn store. Just to buy some contrast yarn. And I did. A nice skein of Cascade Quatro.

picture of yellow quatro with yellow and peach yarn.

But there was one unanticipated development. TWENTY PERCENT OFF THE ENTIRE STORE. Ending in less than an hour. What's a gal to do?

I was very restrained. As well as the Quatro, I only bought 3 skeins of Happy Feet and 3 skeins of Mission Falls Superwash Merino.

picture of skeins of yarn

But all that yarn shopping didn't take enough time, and I still had time to kill before the ballerinas arrived. I was ready to cast on, but I had forgotten the right needle to cast on the longies. So I cast on a wool soaker instead. I'm trying a new pattern. I knit on it that evening, and on my break on Tuesday. By the time I came home from work on Tuesday, I had convinced myself I needed to start a hat. But I forced myself to finish the soaker first. It's finished, except for binding off.

picture of green wool soaker still on needles, but otherwise complete

I immediately tossed that aside and started a hat with one of my skeins of Happy Feet. I'm using a tam pattern from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. I've been knitting obsessively on it since and it's making good progress. I'm knitting from the top down so that I don't run out of yarn in an inconvenient place.

picture of a knitted tam in progress

I would like to point out the little skein in the photo. I DID NOT WIND THE SKEIN INTO A BALL. Just sayin.

Back to knitting

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