Saturday, January 24, 2009

52 books: Owl in Love

I'm linking to this book twice, because there are two covers: the upper one, which I favour, and the lower one, which I could do without. Owl in Love has long been my most favourite young adult novel. I'm not one for picking favourites, really, I'm more of a "top ten" kind of person (or top twenty or top thirty or...). However, this book has always stood out as a beloved story, and every rereading proves its status.

Author Patrice Kindl has a knack for fleshing out oddball and unique characters, as seen in her spooky little story, the Woman in the Wall. Owl, a shapeshifting teenager, narrates her own tale of frustrated love and developing friendships. Owl's unique perspective and archaic voice paints a vivid picture of this youth who has never fit in, and rarely has any interest to even try to. Owl's silent love for her science teacher pulls her out of her isolated existence and entangles her with a suburban-dwelling classmate and a shadowy boy hiding in the woods. Dark little episodes scattered through the book hint at the unexpected resolution of strange events and mysterious characters.

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