Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stuff for baby

Let me reiterate. I am not expecting. The crafting for babies, though, is going strong. I'm making blazing progress on a cute pair of longies. They are made with the Itchy Fingers Longies Pattern, found on Ravelry. I'm using Cascade Quatro and Elizabeth Austen Andes. Wow, did that leg ruffle turn out a enthusiastic or what?

pic of longies in progress

I finished the soaker from the Warm Heart Woolies Trim Soaker Pattern, also found on Ravelry. This is made with Cascade 220 Wool.

pic of finished green soaker

I made more newborn sized diapers out of recycled shirts and hemp/cotton scraps.

picture of 5 cloth diapers

A favourite in this batch is another made from one of my daughter's shirts, with the extra layers coming from a different recycled t-shirt.

picture of a cloth diaper with a shiny snowflake on the bum

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