Saturday, November 18, 2006

This week's gym escapades.

Monday, elliptical walker, 1,88 miles.
Thursday, elliptical walker, 2.35 miles.
Friday, water aerobics.

I didn't work out all that much longer on Thursday than Monday, I wonder if I really pushed it harder or if the two machines are just callibrated differently.

On Friday, instead of the really cool teacher who is older than me, who's there to work out and even if no one shows up she'll do the class because she likes the work out, there was a substitute, a spunky young college student, who asked if I really wanted to do it, since I was the only one. As tempting as it was to just go home, I really knew I should work out, so I went ahead with it. She stood on the edge of the pool and told me what to do. As I'm hard of hearing it was extremely uncomfortable for me because she cranked the music and I was straining the entire time to hear her instructions. She probably got paid for the class whether I stayed or not, so I made her work for her fee. It was interesting to experience another kind of class, though. I also told her to make it 45 minutes instead of the hour, which was nice.

The college had a health fair, and you were entered into a drawing if you filled out a health evaluation. So I did. The dang thing scolded me for not working out enough. As I feel like I'm making great progress, I was pretty miffed! It also told me to run, not walk, to a doctor because I was at risk for pre-diabetes because I had a baby bigger than 9 pounds and I only work out 3 times a week. Huh? I'll ask at my next pap exam.

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Carol said...

Ha! I'd be mad too. You're doing the right thing, by asking your doctor.