Saturday, November 04, 2006

faire isle mittens

I've started a fabulous pair of mittens. I'm not going to try to post a picture. I've been discouraged with the quality of my camera's pictures. I cannot seem to get anything to show in detail.

I actually finished the fiery socks earlier this week. I tried to take a picture with a camera at work, and the socks were equally lacking in definition, so I wonder if it's perhaps my photo-taking techniques. The yarn-over cables look cool. The socks do not fit my son, but I have faith that one day they will.

The mittens are in honour a friend's birthday. The bday is today, which means, of course, that she won't get them on time, because I'm still on mitten number one. However, I'm very proud of the mittens. It's a variegated Limbo, in autumny colours, paired with an olive green merino. They look gorgeous, so hopefully I'll be able to get a half-decent picture before I mail them off.

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