Thursday, November 23, 2006

American Girl Hat and Scarf

I started these a while back, but finished them tonight. I used Andes handpaint, the remnants left from my felted bag experiment. I wind up spending a lot of time thinking about that two-toned yarn, trying to figure out how to get the most of out it. I really put a lot into that felted bag, though the results were less than spectacular. The colours seemed to knit up nicely for the doll clothes, though!

The set is intended as a Christmas treat for my daughter and her best friend. They play American Girl Dolls all the time, so one of the sets is to give to the friend. My daughter already knows about them, and is genuinely pleased with the set. She made the pompoms. Well, she wrapped the pompoms, I finished the first, she nearly finished the second.


While I tried many reversible cable patterns, none of them looked good with that width and that colour pattern, so I just knit it in garter stitch, 6 stitches per row. I used a size 9 needle. When it was long enough, I added a fringe in red to give it a finished look.


I wanted 2 matching hats, so I made more of a beanie than the toque I was planning, and just barely finished them, with only 2 yards of yarn left. Knit on a size 9 Addi circular needle, at a gauge of 5 stitches per inch. The hats came out roomy, too.

Cast on 69 stitches. Join without twisting: Pass last stitch over first stitch, then start knitting on the first stitch. (68 stitches)

k2p2 ribbing for six rows

k for 4 rows.

k6,[k2tog,k5]4 times. k6,[k2tog,k5]4 times. 60 stitches.
k for 2 rows
[k2tog,k4] to end of row. 50 stitches.
k for 2 rows
[k2tog,k3] to end of row. 40 stitches
k for 2 rows
[k2tog,k2] to end of row. 30 stitches
k for 2 rows
[k2tog,k] to end of row. 20 stitches.
k for 2 rows
k2tog to end of row. 10 stitches.
k2tog to end of row. 5 stitches.
Pull yarn through stitches, pull tight. Weave in ends securely.

Add a pompom if you'd like.

I plan to leave about 4 rows between the decrease rows next time to make a toque.

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randi K design said...

The hats looks great, great color combination!