Monday, November 13, 2006

Homework galore

Well, I stayed home from work, sick, on Thursday, so I didn't get any gym time that day. Friday was my comp day, and the entire day was spent on my 550 group project paper, being my turn to write. I finished it at midnight, and the other group members tidied it up and submitted it Saturday. I had intended to do water aerobics on Friday but was so caught up in the work that I forgot. I worked Saturday and then in the evening went to a lovely dinner party. Today I worked all day on my 567 project, in which I marketed library services to pregnant and parenting teens. It's due in an hour and I'm ready to turn it in. I really shouldn't keep doing this last-minute thing, but it keeps turning out that way. Part of the problem is that last year, I did most of my school work during lunch hours and breaks, and this year, I'm going to the gym, and sneaking off to knit during my lunch hours and breaks. In September, I was going to the media room during my lunch hour to watch Cary Grant movies and knit, which was really fun, but it did suck to have to turn it off when my clock said my time was up, and I really am glad to be going to the gym when I can.

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