Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where the projects are at.

So I'm in my basement, kneeling on the carpet, taking a photo of my in-progress Ditzy socks. I hear the sound of little voices, and look up to see the face of a neighbourhood 3-year-old peering in through a tiny opening in the basement window. A moment later I hear a bang on the door because his big sister wants to play with my daughter. Not the most articulate kid, he tries, "Why were you in there?" Not the most helpful adult, I answer, "It's my basement. I go there sometimes."

Last week I balled up my new Orange Spice yarn. I have a pattern all picked out, but frankly, over the weekend, I just didn't do much knitting. I didn't do much of anything, except curl up in bed with a book, and some mandatory shopping with each kidlet. Stuff like soilless soil for a science project, repair parts for the drip in the dripless faucet, and fancy gowns that don't fit for an imagined future.

The recipient of the majority of my homemade diapers finally had her baby, a full 2 weeks after her due date. This got me thinking about longies again. It's possibly compulsive behavior. I don't care. I have failed to acquire the perfect yarn for these longies, which in my imagination was just like the previous mentioned Orange Spice yarn, only worsted and not superwash. Then I thought I might dye my own. Then I decided I would knit first, dye later. (Yes, I came up with this idea during a 3am migraine event. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to follow up on those ideas. But I've done some refining of it during waking, saner hours.)

I located my ball of undyed Wool of the Andes, which was used in my pirate mittens. The ball weighed 50 grams. The previous longies I made weighed 91 grams. My unwound skein of undyed Wool of the Andes weighed 100 grams. I decided that rather than graft in the middle, I would just use the 100 gram length, and wound it into a ball. While winding, I found a knot, and so I didn't have a complete 100 gram length, anyway. Now I have three balls of graduated sizes. I do need to break the yarn during the knitting progress, and that will probably come mid-ball anyway. What a pain.

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